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The world’s first Emmy® Award winning multi-platform concept creating a user generated movie.


Nice Meeting You!

What if a famous diractor asks you to help make a movie? What if the director challenges you to write, act, direct, compose, make music? What if you are invited to develop set design? Change the storyline or even come up with the name of the movie Itself? Entertainment Experience® connects, activates and messages the public. ‘The Crowd’, ‘The Users’, or ‘The Community’, together they shape the outcome of the project.

Crowd Sourcing 2.0

The Academy of Television Science & Arts
“The concept ticked all the boxes; in the end this is more promising than traditional programming”

The Hollywood Reporter
“Entertainment Experience® is blazing a trail toward what could be a major advance in filmmaking and creativity”

C21 Drama
“Entertainment Experience®, is introducing one of the biggest opportunities for small-screen storytelling”

Entertainment Experience®

Entertainment Experience® is a cross media/multi platform format, combining social media, TV programmes and undiscovered talent, resulting in the production of two movies.






Award winning, powered by media socially!

Emmy® Award Winner

Selected winner of the International Digital Emmy® Award for Digital Program – Non Fiction.

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One Show

Winner of category branded entertainment: Promoting excellence in advertising and design in all its forms and shapes.

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Hurun Award

Entertainment Experience China awarded as “The Most Influential Culture Event for Chinese Entrepreneurs

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